What you need to write at the first meeting in the chat

What you need to write at the first meeting in the chat

If you are the owner of your online business, you must have come across such a question. How to interest your client so that he would like to stay on your site a bit longer? Moreover, he should order goods. An excellent answer is the use of the online chat.

The online chat allows you to quickly respond to customers’ questions and to offer them additional functions. With proper use of such chat, you will be able to collect a database of potential customers for your own business purposes in the future.

How to communicate at the first meeting in the chat

Even at the stage of choosing an online consultant, it is important to understand that he will communicate with the strangers who are potential clients of your company. You should follow certain rules of communication in the online chat:

* be polite and do not bother the client. It is important to choose a manager who will not just automatically answer the clients’ questions. He should do it lively and interestingly. This approach has positive feedback and confirmed orders;

* if you see that the client has not been doing anything for a long time on the site, you can write him first with an offer to help with the choice. You should not offer certain goods at once. Try to find out what exactly the client is looking for. When you have such information, you will be able to offer the proper products;

* set up the online chat correctly to gain customer’s confidence. Use the real photo and name of the consultant. So, your clients will be able to communicate with a specific person;

* remember that all people are different and not everyone wants to communicate. Sometimes you can unobtrusively offer help to the client in choosing a product or a service in the online chat.

Some nuances

It is important to remember about some nuances, when you introduce the online chat on the site:

–  the operator’s qualifications include not only the ability to conduct a dialogue unobtrusively, but also knowledge of the elementary rules of the Russian language;

– correctly configure the widget dialog box of the online chat. The widget should not interfere with the review of information and the products. Make it noticeable, but at the same time, give the client an opportunity to hide it, if it is necessary;

– set up an answering machine and create the clichés that will be appropriate for your company. They can notify clients about the working hours of online consultants and when they can talk to them;

– have a message archive. It allows the client to recall what he has recently discussed with the operator.

Correct setting of the online chat makes it more efficient, improves the quality of service and the image of your company.

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