An overview of Chatroulette

An overview of Chatroulette

Chatroulette was one of the first chats, which quickly gained fame and lost it in the early 2010s. It offered text, video and audio chats for all types of users.

Even without ads, Chatroulette has become world famous thanks to word of mouth. In just four months after its launch, there were about 1.5 million daily active users in it.

Chatroulette has even become an advertising platform for products and films. But as popularity of the social networks grew, chats like Chatroulette has remained in the background.

Usability Chatroulette

– website design is very simple. There is almost no information;

– registration is not required, users can enter the page and connect with an interlocutor;

– in the center of the page only the webcam function is available;

– a face recognition is required to start a conversation.

The layout has changed a lot lately. Now only the webcam screens are presented to users. Text chat is not available, so users have to communicate with each other visually and verbally.

Registration is not required on Chatroulette. However, there is a face recognition step that requires you to smile at the camera before you connect with a stranger. But this is only a requirement at the beginning of your conversation.

Four months after the launch, Chatroulette acquired about 1.5 million active users per day. Even celebrities used it.

A lot of users have shown screenshots of their conversations with these celebrities in Chatroulette. There were screenshots with Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba and others.

Thanks to this fame, studios and companies used Chatroulette as a platform to promote their films and products. The most noticeable was the promotion of the film “The Last Exorcism” in 2010.

However, pretty soon people began to show offensive and indecent behavior on the site. That is why the chat has soon been abandoned.

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