How to find a guy in the Internet

How to communicate in a chat

Omegle and Chatroulette are online communication services. The choice of the interlocutor is a kind of lottery, as it is absolutely random.

You should follow a few simple rules for pleasant communication:

– Follow the rules of netiquette. Do not be rude. Insulting words and indecent gestures should not be used.

– Be open. The chat-roulette gives you the opportunity to find someone who you will be on the same wavelength with. You do not always have a good mood and you want to laugh and joke. In the chat you can find a person who can listen to you very carefully.

– Listen to your interlocutor. Let you conversation be in the form of dialogue. After all, it is unlikely that you yourself want to listen to the monologue of the interlocutor.

– If you want thrills, do not look for them in Omegle and Chatroulette. Remember that people of different age categories communicate here, and even you yourself will hardly be happy to meet someone’s genitals on the entire monitor.

– Be loyal to other people’s thoughts. You can raise a controversial issue, discuss an interesting topic in the process of communication. However, it is not worthwhile to prove your rightness and threaten the interlocutor or humiliate him.

– If communication takes place in the format of messages, then remember the grammar. This, of course, is not a school dictation, but at least elementary mistakes should be avoided.

– Always say hello at the beginning of the conversation and say goodbye at the end. Trifle, but nice.

– One of the disadvantages of the chat-roulette is that you may never see you interlocutor again. Therefore, if there is a desire to continue the dialogue later, then it is worth exchanging contacts.

The Internet community is full of various scammers and fraudsters, so in the process of communication it is necessary to follow basic security measures:

– Do not disclose your personal data, full name, address, telephone number, to random people.

– If you meet people in a chat in order to find friends to communicate in real life or a soulmate, then it is worth buying an additional SIM card. This number, to which bank cards are not attached, can be given to a random interlocutor.

РBefore starting a video chat, look around carefully. In the field of view of the camera there should not get anything that can disclose you, letters or documents with an address or other personal data. Even by the university’s textbook, signed notebooks, scammers can find out your location.

– If you are meeting in real life, then be sure to warn someone of your relatives and friends where you are going. Tell them all information you know about your new friend from the network.

Internet communication is not only a pleasant and fun pastime, but also an opportunity to change your life.

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