How to build a relationship in the chat

How to build a relationship in the chat

In search of their soul mate more and more people are going on the Internet – on dating sites, fan clubs, social networks and online chats. The latter are of particular interest due to the opportunity to see your interlocutor. You will not only know exactly what he/she looks like, but also be able to immediately appreciate his/her non-verbal messages, which are of great importance when communicating.

Video chats are a real roulette which allows you to set only your age and residence and to limit the search for an interlocutor to a certain region. But you cannot know exactly who will appear on your screen in front of you. It is even interesting – there is a certain intrigue, a fateful moment – what if this person is intended for you, and it was for a reason that he/she appeared in your room.

Leaving destiny aside, it is people who start relationship. Now we will try to figure out how this happens in the video chat.

How to build relationship in a random chat?

First meeting.

It is very important. Firstly, video chats do not allow a user to lie about the appearance – for some people it is a disadvantage, but for normal relations it is very important to immediately relate in every way. Yes, you can fall in love by correspondence, but when you first meet in person you, may feel deceived if the appearance of your person of interest turns out to be different from what he/she described.

Follow the rules of first meetings:

  • Do not try too hard to look attractive – be natural, make a simple hairstyle, apply some discreet make-up, if you are a girl – it looks better on the screen;
  • Do not try to play another role by pulling on the mask of “inaccessibility” or something like that. This may scare the other person and he/she will simply switch to the one who is more open and inclined to talk;
  • Watch your behavior, avoid using expletives, joke and try not only to speak, but also to listen. Everyone is pleased when their opinion is listened to – ask questions, do not interrupt the interlocutor;
  • Choose common topics of conversation that may be of interest to both you and your interlocutor – cinema, hobbies, music, science, etc. But more “slippery” topics, such as politics, personal issues should be avoided when you meet a person for the first time;
  • Flirt and laugh! Laughter not only prolongs life, but also makes you look more attractive.

These tips will help you make a good impression on the person you like. And, perhaps, you can proceed to the next step – the exchange of contacts.

Further communication

The fact is that video chats do not disclose information about people. Moreover, they do not even request it! And if you want to see your interlocutor again, then you should exchange social network contacts, emails or phone numbers.

If you do not do this, then you will hardly be able to see this person again – the system is programmed to connect random rooms. However, if you believe in fate, you can rely on it – who knows, maybe it will drive you together again.

Meeting in real life

Since you have met in a video chat, a meeting in the real world will not be shocking for you. The main thing is that now you can not only communicate, but also touch each other. You have the one who is dear to you. And you got is with the help of the free video chat.

Top 5 questions for dating in a chat

Plenty if people believe that making an acquaintance is very simple. You just need to start a conversation and then everything will go by itself. This is partly true. But how to start this conversation? What to ask a potential partner? And it does not matter whether we are talking about online dating in a video chat or a real meeting. You will not be able to hide from your interlocutor for witty or caustic made-up text, random chats involve personal communication, even through a webcam.

Lots of people get lost and do not know how to behave, what to ask, in order to make a favourable impression, to interest another person. After all, if you fail to make the conversation flow, then this virtual meeting will never turn into reality.

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