Manage communication with a girl

Manage communication with a girl

You have found a beautiful girl in the Internet who you would like to get to know each other better. If you immediately suggest communication in reality, you may be misunderstood and blacklisted. First, tune in to developing relationships on the Internet. In this article we will tell you how to manage communication with a girl so that it is not limited to a couple of boring dialogs.

Initial stage

Any acquaintance begins with questions. “How are you,” “What are you doing” – forget about it right away, because these phrases are boring. Prepare questions in advance; let them begin with the words “How …”, “Where …”, “Why …”. The interlocutor will give open answers to them.

By the way, let’s talk about the topics of conversation. Strictly avoid discussion about:

· Religion and belief;

· Health;

· Personal problems;

· Relations with former partners;

· Family secrets;

· Places of work;

· The size of wages.

It is personal information; do not ask about it, otherwise you will frighten off your interlocutor and you will not see her again. Men’s topics (about cars, sports, IT-technologies) also do not touch.

What then to ask? Ask the most open-ended question “Do you like your profession?”,“ Is it easy? ”- develop a dialogue with similar questions.

Allow the girl to speak out and only then insert comments. Let them be partly humorous. If the interlocutor begins to smile or happily talk about something, consider that the acquaintance develops well.

Learn profile

If you are communicating in a social network where a girl has a page open, read personal information. From it you can get useful information and find topics for dialogs.

What to do when chatting in Chatroulette and Omegle? If the girl did not provide information, get ready to improvise. Ask questions and confidently develop dialogue.

How not to bury your chance

Surely it happened to the guys that the girl stopped talking without explanation. In rare cases, her character is to blame – most likely, the man did or said something wrong. Below is a list of recommendations that will help to avoid trouble:

· Tell only the truth;

Do not ask too many questions (you are not at the interview or at the interrogation);

· Do not be rude;

· Do not complain about something (a man knows how to solve his problems or at least does not cry for them to the women).

There is no point in conducting hours of online conversations. Say goodbye in time. It is wonderful if you do it at the peak of interest in your person. Thank for your communication and say that you will meet again with pleasure. Then it will be much easier to achieve a second session of online communication or meeting alive.

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