Choosing a place for a first date

Choosing a place for a first date

When a meeting with a girl happens in real world, many guys start to panic. Where to invite her? Do I have to go to an expensive restaurant? Where will she like it? Do not forget – not only the girl, but also you should get pleasure from the first date. Therefore, look for a place where you will be comfortable first. In the article we will tell you how to choose a place for a date with a girl and where you should definitely not go.

Myths about first date

The most common misconception is that you have to go to an expensive restaurant. What will you achieve in this way? If you are not a rich person or a businessman, consider other options for a first meeting. There is nothing wrong with that.

The second myth: the longer the date, the better. For quality communication, you do not need long hours. In addition, both sides in the first 10 minutes will understand whether the communication is worth it or not. Pay attention to quality, not quantity. Do not look at the clock.

Myth number three: a date involves picking up a girl by car, taking her back, and also delivering a bouquet. Good manners are fine, but they are bad for a first date. A man must know his own worth. Is this girl so good that she is worth the fare paid, a luxurious bouquet of flowers, a dinner in a restaurant or other ways of satisfying a first date? She may be good, and deserves it, but you are not obliged to broadcast this fact. You make a choice among hundreds of beautiful ladies. The first date may not involve spending money at all.

Where to invite a girl? Consider an alternative to restaurants.

Top 5 places for the first meeting

1. A park.

Is there anything better than a romantic walk in a quiet and peaceful place? Girls love romance. Admiring the views of nature, you relax and become a little open. It is possible that today the conversation will go on more personal and intimate topics. But do not rush. Just be alone in a picturesque place and enjoy the first meeting.

2. An ice rink.

The case when romantic comedies are true. The first ice skating date is interesting and fun. The main thing is that the girl knows how to ride.

3. An exhibition or a concert.

If a girl has creative interests, visiting the exhibition will be an excellent first date. After the event, you can sit in a cafe, drink a hot coffee and discuss what you have seen. It is great combination, is not it?

4. Cycling.

Feel free to call the girl on a bike show! This is unusual, but the probability of failure is close to zero. By the way, being in a restaurant, it is easy to become dissatisfied with the atmosphere, but leaving it is not always possible. On bicycles, you can go to where you can be alone.

5. A bar or a cafe.

The rating will be incomplete without cozy and warm places where you can order a cup of hot chocolate with something tasty. It is easy to relax, get rid of excitement, and become less stressful.

In conclusion, remember: on a date, it is important not the place, but the person you are talking to.

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