5 rules for flirting with a stranger

5 rules for flirting with a stranger

Communication in chat-roulettes involves not only friendly conversations, but also easy flirting, which sets up for a further meeting, real dates and romantic relationships. How to flirt with a stranger on the Internet, so as not to violate acceptable boundaries?

Start your conversation with compliments

However, do not make them commonplace. Be really attentive and look at her appearance, listen to the voice of your interlocutor. You can note an unusual shade of eyes, beautiful skin, shine of hair or pleasant intonations in her voice (communication with a webcam allows you to do all this).

You should not make compliments that are somehow related to eroticism, of course, if you are not looking for an adventure for one night.


An appropriate joke can defuse the situation and make communication playful and relaxed. It is great if, over time, you get specific jokes or phrases that are understandable only to both of you. This means that your communication has become even closer.

Hint at a real date

If you want to move the relationship into a real world, do not forget to say that you would like to see the girl in real life, hear her voice and enjoy her smile. Such phrases bring clarity to your conversations, besides helping to arrange a meeting, mentally prepare for the upcoming date.

Be careful

Any compliments about the girl’s character, habits and lifestyle can be risky, because for now you do not know this person at all, which means you can make a mistake, misinterpret the behavior or miss the details. That is why in the first couple of days it is recommended to talk exclusively on neutral topics.

You should not talk about sexual relations.

Follow the measure

A sense of proportion is the main rule in flirting. If you compliment and make jokes regularly, it will just be boring. Your task is to make everyone wait for a compliment or pleasant words, to make it really pleasant and exciting surprise for a girl. It is optimal to say no more than one compliment per day, after which you can talk on ordinary topics, learn about each other as much as possible before you meet in reality. If you find it difficult to make compliments personally on a webcam, you can always write them in a personal chat, this will help to overcome embarrassment.

Thus, flirting with a stranger is a pleasant activity that can always result in something more. The main thing is to be natural and say things that you really like. If a girl likes your attitude, compliments and jokes, you will definitely see it. The next step will be a romantic date, which can always result in something more.

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