How to understand the feelings of the chat partner

How to understand the feelings of the chat partner

Recognizing the feelings of another person is not always easy. Many hide their true emotions, while others express them openly. Friendship is sometimes taken for love, and respect for sympathy. It is especially difficult to understand the attitude towards yourself when communicating online. Everyone understands that Omegle and Chatroulette are not talking about any deep feelings, but it is always interesting what the interlocutor feels for you. Let’s try to figure out what kind of behavior speaks of attitude in chat rooms. So, pay attention to the following:

· Speed ​​of response. The faster a friend answers, the greater his interest. If a partner answers messages, and is in a hurry to ask a question or tell something, then he is clearly interested in you as an interlocutor. He seeks to know you better. This is clearly a good sign for those who doubt the true feelings of a friend.

· Intonation. If this is a video chat, then the intonation is audible and usually correctly interpreted. Correspondence is a completely different matter. However, here you can notice impatience, anger, and joy. Traditionally, feelings are expressed by punctuation marks.

· Looks and gestures speak of emotionality and attitude. If a person dismisses, stops with gestures, shows indecent gestures, you should think about continuing communication, since you are clearly unpleasant to the interlocutor. Of course, this can only be seen in a video chat. In a text chat, this thing loses its meaning.

· You should not be distracted. One of the indicators of interest in a person is the interest to the conversation. Anyone who really likes you will not simultaneously communicate with others, cook dinner, and so on.

· Listen. A person should not only admire and express pleasure from contemplating the beauty of the body. The partner must listen with interest what you are talking about. Moreover, if he is interested, he will remember everything. If necessary, he will say what has been said, this will prove his attentiveness to your person.

· The meaning of the words. In the end, we miss the obvious and most important. Do not try to read between the lines, you will see what does not exist. Focus your attention on what has been said. If a person says that he wants to see each other, then so it is. He writes how he liked communication and wants to repeat it, believe him. If there is no desire, the partner will not insist on meeting or continuing communication.

Now you are ready to enter a chat to recognize the true feelings of the interlocutor. Be careful. Do not devote yourself completely to communication, otherwise you may miss important points that tell you about attitude towards you. However, if not one of the above points is suitable and you are not able to objectively evaluate the behavior of a person on the other side of the screen, then there is a way out. Directly ask the interlocutor about the feelings. The problem will be solved and you will not have to suffer.

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