The secrets of flirting with a girl

The secrets of flirting with a girl

It is believed that flirting is a female prerogative. Classics of world literature, contemporary films, and ordinary real life around us, show that the girls flirt more often. However, men also know how to flirt, and in ancient times they did it highly professionally, which made inexperienced young hearts crazy. If you decide to master the art of flirting and go directly to practice, we recommend that you pay attention to Omegle and Chatroulette. Here you will find a huge number of single girls who are waiting for a real man.

· First you need to arouse interest. Perhaps this is the most difficult stage. Here you need to be witty, with a good sense of humor, to be an interesting partner. Show attention, give compliments. Do not immediately shout that your partner is the most beautiful and stunning girl. Do not accidentally notice that today she has beautiful lipstick. Then mark some detail of the wardrobe, stylish trousers.

· Attract her attention. At this stage, you can make compliments.. You can say that she is very beautiful and attractive, almost like Jennifer Lopez. Do not forget to hint that a couple of colleagues are running after you, and a friend from the fitness club cut off the phone with tender declarations of love. You talk about your sympathy, but at the same time make it clear that you also like the representatives of the opposite sex.

· Disappear. The goal is to make the girl nervous because of your absence. Let her begin to get bored, think about where her admirer is. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the girl will find you a replacement.

· Make her want you. Appearance after separation must be spectacular. First, tell the good reason for your absence and make the beautiful lady compliments. Here the most powerful weapon should be used. Appreciate her body and attractiveness as women. Hint about the passion that is raging in your chest. The boldest compliments should come right now.

· Flirting is a game to incite love and passion. It contains important elements: fire and cold. You must be in touch with a girl. Your behavior becomes cold, no compliments, no interest. It is worth noting that there is no aggression or hatred, just an even friendly relationship.

Repeat all points in a circle until you achieve what you want: love, intimacy, marriage, a serious relationship, or anything else. As you can see, flirting is very easy and simple. The main thing to remember is the main principle: increased attention and a complete lack of interest. Usually, one circle is enough to arouse passion, and even love. However, delaying a meeting can also serve poorly. Focus on the feelings of the girl. Notice her looks, gestures, compliments to you, and hints of sympathy. We hope that our guide will help you, and you will immediately enter a chat-roulette to master the art of flirting.

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