How to flirt with a stranger in a chat

How to flirt with a stranger in a chat

Social networks, instant messengers and video chats have become the main places for dating and flirting. Young girls try their charm of seduction on men in correspondence: it is much safer, and more interesting.

The most important thing is to start communicating with a stranger, and only then move on to flirting. To do this, you have to find an interlocutor and write a message, after his answer, you can start taking action.

For greater efficiency, you can communicate with several representatives of the stronger sex at once. So you can improve your communication skills and identify any patterns and features. But the main thing is to show your interest to each interlocutor.

Basic rules for flirting with a man

If you decide to communicate with a man via chat, then you need to rely on some rules that will help focus communication on the right topic. These tips include:

· Do not reply to a message too quickly – sometimes you have to make the other person wait to make you nervous. It is recommended to reply to the first message after half an hour. And the second rule is about the same as you were waiting for an answer. When a young man receives a message from you, he will be incredibly happy about it.

· Do not write too long messages. It is stressful and makes the reader pay more attention. If it is possible to shorten the text, then do so. In addition, messages should not be longer than the interlocutor’s.

Remember to use emoji, but do not use them too often. The text should be clear and, preferably, unambiguous and specific.

· You should show your success, independence and confidence. Do not forget to mention that you are not have a lack of attention and can make a choice in favour of another man.

· Messages should evoke emotions, but always different. To do this, add jokes to the communication, fun, but do not overdo it.

· To revive the correspondence, you can write a message with some rash text, and then delete it. Tell them you made a mistake and wanted to send it to your friend. It will surprise the guy and make him more interested.

· Create intrigue and mystery. Men love it when a girl has some kind of secret, but they hate approachable and too open persons.

· You should have a specific goal: fun, intrigue, jealousy, or something else. You should not use meaningless phrases.

Compliance with these rules will help to attract a man. He will write more often and wish to communicate many times more. When talking, try to avoid political, religious, feminist and moral topics, as your views on these issues may not coincide. And it will lead to serious disagreements and even quarrels.

What is more, do not forget about personal safety, as you can meet various people with dubious intentions. Therefore, do not give your phone number, disclose location or other personal information.

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